Monday, November 19, 2007

showered with lemons and watermelons

last saturday, vickie and stella threw a fabulous bridal shower...hosted by lindsay's fam, and assisted by the bridesmaids...a good mix of gals from my life - old and new - from the estrogen militia to st. andrew's to relay to my fam. i loved everyone getting to meet the gals in the sprouffske fam, and vice versa.

full of all the little details that i adore.
  • a full table of lemon desserts - including sandy's amazing lemon cheesecake bars
  • honey prawns - that vickie masterfully whipped up like the best honey prawns that we ever had in portland
  • recipes from everyone to start our new family cookbook
  • sweet and funny advice on 'how to have a happy family'
  • cool shower favors with tags that read "treats for my peeps"

the best surprise?

one of the wedding games, which closely resembled one of the 'newlywed style' games from the couples shower. except this time, it was me who was answering the questions, and stella asking them.

jonathan was concerned that i'd cheat without him he and stella arranged a video shoot of him answering her questions. it was absolutely hysterical.

among my favorite questions? the q&a, straight from jonathan...notice how specific they are? if i didn't get it 100% right, vickie handed me a giant piece of watermelon bubble gum to chew.

  • what award did i win in preschool? the social butterfly award
  • favorite children's book? i am a bunny
  • what was my high school mascot, grade point average, and 2 awards i won in high school? rainier mountaineers, 3.99, salutatorian, and the 'citizenship award'.
    (it should be noted that he also brought the actual awards to the shoot, so he pulled them out and showed them on the video for props)
  • what two teams were playing in the nfc playoff race the day that jonathan applied to SU law school. i'll give you a hint. it was a day that seahawk fans will forever remember, because just after the seahawks won the toss matt hasselback uttered those famous words, “we want the ball, and we’re going to score.” which was quickly followed by matt throwing an interception and al harris of the opposing team running it back for a touchdown. seattle seahawks and the green bay packers

and he even knew what questions i'd get wrong - including forgetting that my brother played college football...never mind that mike was the captain of the football team...and i still missed it!

thank you, vickie, stella, lindsay, and everyone for a fabulous shower. i love you!

ps - for stella's pics, see her post: the best wedding shower ever
(there is a really cool pic that stella pointed out the similarties to - click over to check it out!)

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Jonathan said...

I brought a copy of the book too.

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