Tuesday, November 20, 2007


last night, the baby gate became obsolete.

used mainly to keep the dogs out of an area of my house when i'm working on a project...sandy, liz and i learned tonight that viper can scale the gate. she makes a giant leap up to the top of the gate (see below) and then 'climbs herself over the gate'.

and then she's free.

little bugger.


Jonathan said...

See my dog respects boundaries. :D

Elizabeth Ann said...

Actually Paige was the one who first noticed Viper escaping.

Maggie also tried to scale the gate after she observed Viper, but was unsuccessful. I don't think she realizes that all she would have to do is LEAN on the gate and it would come crashing down. :)

Jonathan said...

No, she fully realizes it. She's just not a one-dog wrecking crew.

shelley said...

oh yes, she's not a gate wrecking crew, but she is a flower wrecking crew. i have the holes in the backyard to prove it!

Elizabeth Ann said...

she is also a poop leaving wrecking crew.............. eewww

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