Monday, October 1, 2007

the wedding party: liz

meet liz, one of my bridesmaids.

she is most famously known as "liz brownrice"...she was raised as a brown (for her last name), and married a rice: brownrice. little did i know what i was in for when her family moved in down the block from me. she's currently getting her masters' in physical therapy at the u of puget sound. her family - the two browns (rich and sandy, her parents) and the two rices (her two kids, austin and paige) - with her in the middle.

she is a partner in crime in so many ways - over the past few years, our friendship has grown into more than i'd ever imagined. from running adventures at 5 am throughout the north end (where, it should be noted, i have seen more deer than i've seen elk at jonathan's), swim class, late evening talks with mike's lemonade, always seeming to show up whenever i've had a super challenging day to listen and encourage me...

liz teaches me daily about how to be a good daughter AND a good mom. it's always a challenge to do one well consistently - but being both at the same time seems nearly impossible to me. one of the best reflections of her influence is how her children treat me - from one of the very first times that they appeared on my doorstep (the whole story is here). austin and paige are funny, sensitive, loving, creative (especially austin) and so good with things i love (paige - with viper and maggie, i swear she is a 6th grade dog whisperer). liz helps them find their individuality while helping them grow and become who they are destined to be.

she was one of the very first people to meet jonathan and 'welcome him to the fold'. one of my very favorite liz and jonathan stories?

it was early on in our dating, and jonathan came over to my house for dinner after work. i was on the phone in my kitchen, so he just headed to the blue room (which looks right into the brownrices' kitchen) and started changing out of his suit. keep in mind that jonathan lives in out on the farm, with no neighbors next door...

my blackberry buzzes, and the text from liz reads something along these lines "tell jonathan he should close the blinds when he changes."

i immediately yell back to him, and he's already realized what happened. the blinds are now closed and he has turned 18 shades of red. the next text reads "let us know when it's safe to look out the window. we're stuck by the fridge!"

it was one of my favorite moments...that's never been forgotten.

a few of my favorite images from the last 3 years...

the kids with liz, on the rake-a-pa-looza afternoon
october 2005

paige and liz, on the rake-a-pa-looza afternoon
october 2005

speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil
november 2005

i love the two pics of liz and paige together - from nov. 2005 (above) to november 2006 (below, two spots)

rich and liz, at the relay for life in 2006
rich walked in the survivor's lap, and liz was on our team merrill lynch
june 2006

liz and paige, in downtown tacoma
do you know what's funny about this pic? this shot was taken three months before jonathan was really on my radar screen - when we met in february. however the parking spot that is right behind them was jonathan's spot when he worked in downtown tacoma. small world, huh?
november 2006

in the snow, in front of my house
january 2007

on our photo road trip: we live on the edge
september 2007

seriously, she found this on a brick wall in downtown tacoma. how senior photo like is that?!? of course...we needed a photo by it!
september 2007

by a cool wall, you'll see this paint again at some point
september 2007 are a blessing to both jonathan and me. thank you for all you do...i love you!


Elizabeth Ann said...

I just LOVE sparkly eyes just about as much as I love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Liz is so beautiful! and photogenic! Liz, there really isn't one bad picture of you. I look forward to getting to know the legendary Liz that Shelley raves about!

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