Monday, October 1, 2007

The Wedding Party: Danny

Danny and I both started at Saint Martin’s the same time. While we probably met during orientation, the first time I remember meeting him is while we were sitting quietly in a dorm room, the first night of pledge week, wondering what we had signed up for.

Since then Danny has been an amazing friend, who always seems to show up when you need him the most. He’s always willing to help out, whether the help involves using his civil engineering skills, or just going out and grabbing a beer. He’s also pretty good natured when I call him to complain how the Washington State Department of Transportation is screwing up my commute. I mean clearly if he works for them he needs to take responsibility for their mistakes!!!

Danny and Courtney at the President's Gala last year. Only 51 days until the next one!!!

Another picture from the Gala, featuring Danny, Noah and I after returning from the upstairs reception once we realized drinks were still free up there. Noah will be featured in his own blogpost soon.

Danny and the amazing Courtney.

Yet another picture of Danny and I at an Alumni Event. Honest we do more than drink at these events.

My top 5 Favorite Memories:
1. Building the Alpha Haunted House 2000 and 2001.
2. Pledge Week and Playing Football on Saturday’s.
3. Gluing Coins to the Walkway between our dorm rooms to see how many people would try and pick them up.
4. A variety of Alumni Events, including the President’s Gala.
5. The 8:00 am knock on the door when Danny shows up at my house each Christmas to get his Christmas tree. (Okay, not a favorite when he first wakes me up, however the experience always ends up well.)

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