Thursday, October 11, 2007

tiffany and tara

had the rare opportunity to hang with my cousins last saturday...tara (on the left) and tiffany (in the middle). tara is holding tiffany's son, jj. loved the mini-tour of des moines, a stop at culver's (yup, stella, home of the famous butter burger), and a chance to catch up a bit.

found out that jonathan and tiffany's husband, travis, are both geocachers. when we were ready to fly out on monday, jonathan tried to get me to go down to the fountain in front of the airport for a 'really cool picture'. i should have known something was up - there was a cache right near the fountain that he wanted to get! :)

one of the coolest things about tiffany, tara, and darcy (their mom) is how they do cool, meaningful things and remember really small details and surprise you with them. :)

darcy found the coolest frame with an album in it - for the wall in our home. (it will be unveiled when it's full of pics and happily hanging in rainier!) see her card below? we loved it.

tiffany surprised us with the gallery wrap entitled "in this home". i ♥ it. especially this:

"we do loud really well."

couldn't fit us any when jonathan's singing and i'm yelling...or vice versa. :)

and the coolest set of mugs (in chocolate, no less!) from tara...

and the quote on the inside?

"and they loved happily ever after."

thank you, darcy, tiff, and tara, for making jonathan feel so welcome...and reminding me of the second home we will always have in iowa. ♥


Jonathan said...

It's a good think you have a wonderful fiancee to take pictures of you and your cousins!!!

Your family was super cool, and it should be noted for all your readers that:
1. The "me too" cup is mine.
2. We didn't get to go to the fountain because someone insisted that we needed to get through security, even though our flight was delayed for an hour.

Anonymous said...

Ok- cutest set of mugs ever!!!! - Lindsay

Marie said...

Oh, this picture reminded me of something hilarious that Malachite said. "why does Shelley always scream when she is having her picture taken?"

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