Friday, October 12, 2007

12 of 12: october

it helps to have a fiance' who "is smart like that" (his quote, not mine) and reminded me late last night that today is 12 of 12!

here's a glimpse of my life on the 12th of the month...through 12 images throughout the day. ironically, they are shot in both tacoma and thurston county - which is where most of my life is split between right now. :)

without further adieu...

5:45 a.m. - my favorite early morning tea with blueberry honey
and maggie wanting more food in the background

6:55 a.m. - the view from my office

12:07 pm - the new phone system
which i swear is so complex, it would run circles around rosie the maid in the jetsons. i actually had a 45 minute webcast orientation on how to answer it.

2:00 pm - my big berry daiquiri with debbie, just before the others arrived

2:59 pm - my favorite relay for life gals
debbie, linda hill, jerry gorman, and rhoda layman
(we were planning the fundraising section for the team captain u's in the area)

3:53 pm - the fountain with the capitol in the background

4:28 pm - shooting siri at a year and a half

4:38 pm - how can you not adore a child that makes this face?

4:43 pm - or this face? die for.

6:15 pm - jonathan, my photog assistant extraordinaire
who walked over from his office as we finished up

7:21 pm - the capitol at night
my fave image of the day - based purely on how it looks.
sparkly lights and what looks like a falling star, even! :)

9:00 pm - jonathan embossing the return address on our wedding invitations
by far, emotionally, my most favorite image. even after a long week, he wanted to start these tonight to get a head start on the wedding invite party next weekend. he isn't complaining about it - though he keeps yelling "strawberry cheesequake" to me. perhaps he thinks i should be doing a dairy queen run for him. i'll see how many more times he'll yell it. this is a fun game. and then maybe i'll go to dq.

chad darnell's 12 of 12 - october
(for cool pics from all around the world)


Chad Darnell said...

Your pics are fantastic!!

Thanks for doing it!


Elizabeth Ann said...

That boy definitely looks like he needs a strawberry cheesequake- whatever it is..........

Dogeared said...

Lovely photos - that little girl's expression in the first of hers, is priceless! Love the fall and Capitol photo :-)

Zippy said...

Fabulous pictures!!

I love Strawberry Cheesequakes...:)

Scooter said...

Hi Neighbor-
What great pix...especially those in Olympia. I love our capitol.
But the phone scares me...anything with a 45-minute class scares me!

Jonathan said...

Yeah, guess who didn't get ice cream, even though I embossed 330 envelopes. Welcome to Shelley's Sweat Shop!!!

Poun said...

OMG the little girl is soooo cute !!

I your capitol pics are gorgeous !!

Anonymous said...

Very cool pics! That nighttime one os gorgeous!!

Kris said...

How small is the world? I know Jerry Gorman from my old KeyBank days and I bet you know her from your new Thurston Relay days! :)

AND...Congrats Jonathon on passing the bar. What an accomplishment...that combined with 330 should have gotten ice cream!

Elizabeth Ann said...

Jonathan- HELP ME! I need help with networking/ sharing between my desktop and laptop. When will you be available?
And I will even get you a strawberry cheesequake thing.....

Jonathan said...

LOL, I'll call you on my way home.

Unknown said...

Can we order pictures off your Web site yet? ; ) No, seriously. I am in love with the shot of the Capitol at night. I just told John I want to hang it on my wall.

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