Wednesday, October 17, 2007

scrubby scrub scrub

tonight, i needed a crafty night. the week has been packed with projects and to-do's, so when my super fabulous harpist for the wedding called to reschedule our dinner tonight...

it was time to get crafty.

liz came over, and we made all of the sugar scrubs for the welcome gift bags for our out-of-town guests flying in for the wedding. we made a blend of fresh lavender essential oil and mint. added it to a sugar base, with a smidge [or a ton, if liz is pouring :) ] of crushed apricot seeds, sweet almond oil, and a liquid soap base to tie it all together.

the kitchen smells so yummy right now.

yummy and cozy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You truly amaze me with your enegry and craftiness.

Do you drink, like, 50 Red Bulls a day or something? Because I'm exhausted reading about all the stuff you do :-)

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