Tuesday, October 23, 2007

good stuff.

the invitations
...are ready to go. a super fabulous thanks to everyone who came over on sunday for brunchy-lunch and invites! liz, sandy, paige, stella, lindsay, crystal, becky, aunt sue, mom and kristine, thank you so much! and a special thanks to danny, who rescued jonathan from the full house of women to head up to the seahawks game. that's what good groomsmen do!

  • a thank you to austin - for the sweet pumpkin you carved for me! i promise to post pics of it glowing soon...
  • a thank you to jonathan - for being so patient with crossing stuff off the wedding list with me over the last few, cake, the sweet little water bottles, and for dinner the other night. sandy would have been proud - from my hands came lemon tarragon salmon, steamed veggies, a lemon artichoke pesto spread on toasts, and blue raspberry martinis.
  • a thank you to crystal - for the great idea for the kids zone at the wedding! i am so excited to see what happens with it...
  • a thank you to vickie - for being a super maid of honor. i can't wait for drinks this friday!
  • a thank you to mom - for teaching me that it's ok if you combine a chicken marsala sauce and french toast. :) i love you!!

a big day tomorrow -- photos to come!


Anonymous said...

hey there, sorry i wasn't able to make it out there after all. we're going to have a big announcement soon :)

Unknown said...

Dare I ask what tomorrow is?

shelley said...

i can't wait for the worries about sunday. we almost had too many people! :)

tomorrow...something down in olympia. i'm taking the day off for it! you can probably figure it out...

Jonathan said...

You may ask, since Shelley hadn't blogged about it. (That might be my responsibility now that i'm a co-author on this site).

Either way, I'm getting sworn in tomorrow at the State Supreme Court. My office was nice enough to arrange a private swearing in with Chief Justice Gerry Alexander.

So yeah, stay tuned for pictures.

Jonathan said...

Oh was I not supposed to tell??? You shouldn't post comments at the same time as me, it's not nice. You are not acting like a very good part-time ninja.

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