Tuesday, September 18, 2007

tweedledee and tweedledum, by maureen

the real question is...which one of us is dee and which one of us is dum?!?

finishing up the layouts for our engagement albums (which will become the guest books at the wedding)...and i realized that i wanted a few more images on a day that wasn't quite so incredibly warm outside. and jonathan, persuaded by the almighty coldstone creamery that was promised at the end, was a willing participant.

a good friend of mine, maureen opheikens, stepped right in to shoot for us. she was so much fun...and added the perfect amount of images i needed to complete the books. we headed down to jack hyde park (one of my old faves on ruston way) and took in my new fave, dickman mill park.

a few of my faves...

heh heh...the waterfront suite...guess what we're so excited about?!?

after my brilliant idea to lay down on these rocks that seemed to be covered with talcum powder. we were covered in it.

with my prince...

and the photographer...maureen...
thank you for putting up with me...and for capturing these of tweedle and me! ♥


Jonathan said...

I'm obviously tweedle dee.

Maureen said...

It was SO FUN! Thanks for showing me your skills as well. I can't wait for your wedding! Anything else you need, let me know!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the pics! Andrew and I stayed in that suite on OUR wedding night! It is soooo nice..and the best part? Well the second best part? THE RAM DELIVERS TO YOUR ROOM!!!!
Kisses - Kat

Anonymous said...

I stayed there my wedding night and no one told us about the Ram delivery to the room! Darnit. ; )

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