Tuesday, September 25, 2007

of (my) pride and (my) big head

last night, i invited fr. raftis and jonathan over for dinner...where we reviewed the results of our foccus exam from st. charles. we are blessed that not only is fr. raftis one of the concelebrants for our wedding mass, but that he is helping us prepare for the sacrament. the three of us had a great time catching up. (and sharing a super fabulous lemon dessert made by sandy - thank you!!)

father shared one of the insights of wisdom that his mom passed on to him, "marriage is give and take, 95% of the time giving". knowing that jonathan and i are both stubborn people, he shared about the importance of keeping our pride in check and truly serving one another.

tonight was a long overdue date night...and after our talk last night...we laughed at how often our pride kicks in.
  • i headed out from tacoma and stopped by shipwreck beads...and figured i could find my way home to rainier on my own. i was driving with both dogs in jonathan's 4runner, and they were going crazy with the rain and the long drive. after getting hopelessly lost (twice), i was so frustrated that i hung up on he was trying to help me. how dumb am i?!? but as is the norm, my smartypants figured out where i was, and he pulled over on the way home until i passed him and he knew i was safe.
  • after he caught up to me, we did our standard race home from rainier road - where one of us takes 138th from military and the other takes it from rainier road. he was far in front of me, but pulled over to get the paper and mail. i promptly passed him and drove down the driveway with with my arm out the window, proclaiming i was #1. then i looked to my left...and saw jonathan driving my bmw through the tree field - passing me. little bugger. he won.
  • as i was busying lecturing him on driving "the ultimate driving machine" through the field, i unlocked the house and walked into a sauna. there was a slight chance that when i'd been cold the other morning, i'd turned on the heat and forgotten to turn it off. it drives him crazy when i don't turn off lights (which i am famous for) and there was no way i could hide it. just picture the heat waves generating from the open door. the door's been open for several hours now...and it's still t-shirt weather inside. :)

as it isn't so much our pride...but my pride that needs work! here's hoping that st. jude will hook me up! :)

to celebrate our seven months - we're heading for ice cream to escape the heat of the house! :)


Elizabeth Ann said...

Funny, it drives dad crazy too when you leave all your house lights on in the morning before you leave for work........ I would have liked to see the beamer being raced through the tree field..... I think I like this guy!

and J, an update is coming soon- thanks for the reminder that someone really does read our blog!

shelley said...

Thus...the reason why your dad and Jonathan get along so well...I drive them both crazy! :)

Anonymous said...

OK both of you -- its not nice to talk about us old people. drive me crazy -- yes u both do

I think I need a bier

Anonymous said...


It was great spending time with you and Jonathan. You will make a great husband and wife.

Fr. R

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