Wednesday, September 26, 2007

and on december 30th...

jonathan and i will be sneaking away to the tiny island of rarotonga, in a villa in the town of titikaveka, for our honeymoon. (survivor fans would recognize the cook islands season of survivor)

jonathan's passport finally arrived a few days i won't jinx it by blogging about it!

a few months ago, searching on the web yielded a quiet place on the edge of the island, called the sea change villas. there's just six villas and a ton of peace and quiet. (see the view from the villa)

since we'll be on our honeymoon, they are arranging some super fabulous little bonuses for us - including a champagne dinner in the villa with our own chef and the use of a scooter to get all around the island...keeping in mind that it's only 32 km all the way around the island!

the beauty of the internet is that we've already visited the webpages of nearly the nearby restaurants and found some cool places to visit:

the ruins of the sheraton on rarotonga
the sheraton broke ground about 10 years ago, but went bust about 80% of the way into the building process. the funds were embezzled out of the country...and the ruins are slowly being taken over by island vegetation. methinks i'll bring my camera.

island night on friday nights
where the whole island goes out

and for a little cook island maori: Tei 'ea te nga'i oko'anga?

it means... where is the bar?


Anonymous said...

Can I come along?

shelley said...

heh heh
we might see crocodile dundee there! :)

Anonymous said...

THAT's the nickname!

Anonymous said...

Holy geeze that just looks FABULOUS. You find the best STUFF!

I'll be quite rotund by then, so think of me while you're relaxing with a coctail.

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