Tuesday, September 11, 2007

of fevers and moving

what do you do when you have a fever of 100?

you don't clean out your house. but you do plan how you're going to do it! it's how the super-type-a peeps recover from illnesses.

the 'moving to rainier' plan is in five stages this fall...
  1. sept 2007 - move the blue room (books, futons, some clothes, and framed images)
  2. oct 2007 - move the yellow room and front living room
  3. nov 2007 - move the stuff in the garage and what i can from the kitchen
  4. dec 2007 - clean out clothes in the master bedroom and closets, prepare for wedding and honeymoon
  5. jan 2008 - following the honeymoon, pack up the last big items to move. put the house on the market. mourn the loss of the brownrices as neighbors.
that said, jonathan and i will be clearing out a lot of goodies in the next few months. if there's something in my house that you might be interested in...let me know! things i'm not choosing to keep (think simplify, simplify) will leave my house in this order:
  1. people who want them (or want to buy them, depending on what it is)
  2. ebay or amazon
  3. donated to st. vincent de paul
  4. taken to the dump
things you might be interested in?
rubber stamps (literally, hundreds of them), cardstock, rubber stamping and scrapbooking supplies, a number of dishes (my 24k gold band formals (service for 8, with 2 sets of matching glasses) and my palm tree set with matching platters, dvds and videos, framed prints, stuffed animals, lots of clothes, and christmas goodies, furniture, mirrors and a dining room set from thomasville (buffet, china hutch, expandable table/with two leaves, 4 side chairs and 2 arm chairs)...and lots more. we haven't decided yet what's going from jonathan's house...but when we'll find out about it! seriously, if you are in need of anything above...let's talk!


foxmulder said...

I want the palm tree set. I think.

Unknown said...

I'm totally up for helping you organize in exchange for some DVDs haha


Unknown said...

ps...i'm digging the simplify motto...i'm on that kick myself!

Anonymous said...

We should talk furniture. I have a giant, empty living room.

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