Thursday, September 13, 2007


in my last round of the 2007 circle journal (which was supposed to take weeks...but somehow stretched to months!)...i have andrea's journal: when words fail, music speaks.

being the technogeek that i am, of course the layout would have to do with my iPod! (it should be noted that this is the SECOND time that i have gotten an iPod a few weeks before the brand new models came out. i curse you, apple!)

i pulled the top songs played from my iTunes...and the list was so randomly funny...the best part is that each of those songs that i listened to a bunch during the month was for a specific reason. how random am i?

so i give you...

the font is myriad pro, in different weights. colors are sampled from the iPod ads.

i also thought it was super funny to read kate's blog about her iTunes and iPod AFTER i'd finished this layout! we're all a bunch of apple junkies at heart...i suppose!

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Anonymous said...

cool man. thanks for a great layout in my circle journal! i will *love* it forever!

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