Friday, August 17, 2007

the wedding: the bridal party

i am blessed with some amazing women in my life. a good number of them are in the bridal party - and i wanted to do a little something for them as 'open season' for the wedding begins with a little over four months to go. throughout my life, they have been so supportive of me - and put up with all my annoying quirks and habits. i love them for it.

you'll get to meet them individually as i feature them here...but in the's a look at what they received this week.

i filled a 5x7 envelopment with one of these for each of the gals in the bridal party:

  • a 'welcome letter' from jonathan and me (well, mostly me. he just nodded and said "looks great" as he was working on fantasy baseball)
  • swatches of ribbon matching the chocolate and cabernet colors for the wedding
  • an itinerary for the wedding weekend
  • details on the dresses that they can choose
  • a card from me (in the pic above, it's on the right)
  • and my favorite...a short feature of each of them, complete with a photo and contact info. i seriously had so much fun writing this part. lots of that info will be in their highlight here, i promise.

here's a look at the individual info smudged out for their privacy :)

crystal, becky, lindsay, kristine, liz, vickie and stella, i love you.

thank you for standing up with me on the wedding day! ♥

PS...when mike, my brother, saw the packet of goodies, he immediately asked "what do i get?" jonathan has something in the works for the groomsmen, but being that the groomsmen don't appreciate swatches of ribbon and sparkly paper and pretty fonts, their packet will probably come in the form of a PDF file. :) ha ha!

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Anonymous said...

fyi... i'm totally stealing this idea. i love it. :)

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