Thursday, August 9, 2007

swiss...and ben and zach

my cousins zach and ben arrived today, after a 2000 mile road trip from dubuque to tacoma. accompanying ben on his motorcycle was swiss, his six month old blue heeler mix puppy. swiss is a riot.

ben and swiss are making the move from iowa to the northwest for a life change of scenery. they're moving in with michael g in federal way. it's so good to have him here.

swiss, viper and maggie tore it up in the backyard. jonathan caught one of my favorite pics of viper - teeth baring and all as she guarded the homestead from yet another dog. maggie did her part - guarding viper from swiss. we've all established that viper can be a real drama queen when she wants to.

zach, with swiss, as he unwinds after the journey. he's got a little doggy seat for ben's motorcycle, and his own goggles, which ben calls 'doggles'. expect to see more pics soon. :)

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