Thursday, August 30, 2007

slightly addictive...

on one of our very first dates, jonathan actually said the following...

"the name of the game is jonathan sprouffske is the ultimate champion. what's the grand prize? they don't give prizes anymore. it got too redundant."

can you tell why i'm so in love with him? :)

since then, one of us has always been the ultimate champion at whatever we're doing. i absolutely love that we are competitive with each other in all kinds of things. first one to finish something, first one to do something...

for our six month anniversary, i ordered both of us the nike+ ipod sport kit. i also got him a silver nano, engraved on the back with "in pursuit of being the ultimate champion". he found these cool little shoe pouches to go with the sport kit - to avoid having to buy the nike+ shoes as well.

the next morning i picked up my blackberry and had 4 challenges from him on it - before the pouches had even arrived. the first one to 5 miles, to 25 miles, the most miles in september, and the ultimate challenge - the most miles between the four month countdown to the wedding and the wedding day - ending at 11:59 pm the night before the wedding.

he also entered in a bunch of other challenges - and every run you take counts towards them. and it's important to know that right now, i am winning all of our challenges.

it's so easy - you turn it on before heading out the door, and sync your ipod when you get back, and it loads everything into your nike+ account automatically. i love that you can set goals and get a virtual medal for it, win a challenge and get a virtual trophy, participate in a nike+ event and get a virtual racing bib, and accomplish a nike+ milestone and get a virtual ribbon. these peeps have branded marketing and competition down to a science (why wouldn't they? they're nike and apple!!).

so here's one of my first simple goals (which, compared to super triathlete and marathon runner nancy, is a walk in the park)...but is enough to get me up and going. and being the ultimate champion isn't too bad of a reward, either! :)


Jonathan said...

It got redundant AND couldn't fit on the trophy, "Jonathan Sprouffske is the Ultimate Champion of Jonathan Sprouffske is the Ultimate Champion".

I should get to double all of my miles for Maggie's participation. I don't think Vipers 2 inch long legs can keep up with Maggie.

Zachary C. Mauss said...

HA, You two crack me up! That is awesome that crazy Apple/Nike technology is helping to get you out the door and logging the miles. My roommate in Jerusalem used the Nike+ and always joked how a famous athlete would interrupt the music and congratulate him- "Hi, I'm Lance Armstrong. Congratulations on a new distance record!" haha.
But someday I want to try this little gadget out!
Is there any way of betting on this little competition???
Haha, best wishes to both of you!

Jonathan said...

A smart one would bet on her since she believes that walking counts.

Elizabeth Ann said...

Hey, walking DOES count!

Jonathan said...


shelley said...

z, i'm just waiting for lance's voice to pop in.

although it would be great if he were to say...

"wow, you must be related to that guy who took a picture of my bum while i was biking the RAGBRAI in iowa."

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