Wednesday, August 29, 2007

of grass stains and whack-a-mole

how much have these two grown since the last time we hung out...just about two years ago?

had a great dinner tonight over at joanne and chris's house...with my favoritest spinach salad and apple crisp...yum. so good to catch up and just be. joanne has put up with me for the better of 14 or 15 years...i think. it started at basketball camp with a water war...and she was one of the camp counselors. we went through some old pics (on black and white film negatives, no less!) tonight...and it was so much fun looking back.

their kids are fabulous. "aunt shelley! did uncle jonathan come?" heh heh...jonathan will fit right in. :) just wait until he learns how to play whack-a-mole. it's seriously addictive.

here's nate's 'serious face'...

in their disney ears...

no nates were harmed in the making of this photo.

though there were haileys that were amused by it.

and nate finds revenge...

how can you not love that little grin?!?

if there are bare patches of ground where grass once was (in this otherwise pristine front yard)...chances are nate's to blame...

a self-portrait.

and a classic family shot.

and to finish the crisp. life is good.

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