Sunday, July 22, 2007

sweet paper goodies

i am addicted to the company knock knock.

they have all kinds of paper the last few weeks, i picked up these mad libs style thank yous, the prescription pads, and to-do stickies which are finding their way all around the wedding binder.

for the record, if jonathan knew these existed, he'd buy them for me by the gross. :)

anyway, when shopping at the paper zone with jonathan, he found their wedding thank you notes...complete with check boxes. how sweet are these? :)

i think it's the check boxes that i love the most...
but knowing that my own personal etiquette angels would be all over me for check boxes...i'm unveiling the first of our wedding paper suite in chocolate and cabernet...which, of course, i hired shelley mauss photography to design a month or so ago...

you'll find below the 'save the date' cards (more commonly known in jonathan-ese as the famous "STD" cards) and the cover of our thank yous.
  • the std cards
    a 4x6 postcard with rounded corners (which i had cut at the printer) with a uv gloss on the photo side. jonathan picked the photo, and left me to decide the rest. his eyes started to glaze over when i started talking about the ligatures and photoshop brushes... :)
    [a special thank you to
    marie, who offered to 'talk fonts' whenever jonathan got bored with things that only paper-loving gals like]
  • the thank you cards
    an a2 sized folded card (4.25x6.25) with a chocolate back. it's the first place i used our monogram: which either looks like his initials (JS) or that we're becoming jesuits (SJ)... using just his last name's initial made it look like it was all about i chose JS with a dot between them. :)

and for one last sweet find, which i will need to find a way to use...

the company moo, from the united kingdom. their sticker books and minicards are ridiculously cute. and with free global shipping during the month of july, there's seriously no reason NOT to try them! :)


Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!! They all look so good! Loving the color choices! I'm designing our invites and STDs (hehehe) and love every minute of it. If you need help with ANYTHING, please let me know. :)

I LOVE being the bride!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of you and Jonathan.

shelley said...

me was raining on us as we were trudging through the tulip fields...

and he was enjoying getting me all dirty. :)

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