Monday, July 23, 2007

...and they're famous!

today's tacoma news tribune features a story on benedict's recent document and the local church's reaction to it. right near the top of the photo are none other than my papa and my brother. in the row in front of them is paige (in bright green), liz, and sandy of brownrice fame.

their 15 minutes of fame begins now. :)

and as for the document, it is creating tons of unneeded hoopla. for example, the hoopla is created by most of the catholics who don't agree with it, though they haven't actually read it, yet still don't agree with what they haven't read, but will still offer their opinion and disagree with the pope because they don't get it. "i don't know what i'm talking about, but i definitely have an opinion on it."

the document didn't really say anything that hasn't been said's just being reiterated now.

needless to say, i was disappointed with the article overall, though fr. mike communicated well what the document was saying.

here's some deets for further reading:


Anonymous said...

So, uh, those The News Tribune people wrote something on the Editors Blog.

And there's a letter to the editor by Matthew Fish in today's paper.

shelley said...

thanks for directing me to the editors' blog -- i am a little surprised, but impressed that they addressed people's concerns.

and i smiled when i read matt's letter to the editor this a.m. only he can use the word "gimcrackery" and have it flow with what he's saying. :) he was definitely very clear on his opinion.

did you see his blog is linked from mike and kristine's? i think he's winding it down as he prepares to enter the jesuits. too bad. it was a good read.

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