Monday, July 9, 2007

monday happies

it's nearly midnight, and we are entering the 16th hour straight of studying (for jonathan) and 9th hour of editing photos in photoshop (for me). a marathon of work for both of us...though i think i'm getting the funner end of the stick. :) he's 25 essays into 40 needed by tomorrow.

to celebrate the upcoming ending to today's long day in front of the's some of my happies from the day:
  • 1 wedding 95% fully edited
    from a little while back - with the corrupt images recovered! yea! a great lesson to always back up your files!
  • 2 weddings partially edited
    check here for my favorites from mark and marie's wedding later today, and art and kristina's in the next week or so
  • the new toasted parmesan and asiago wheat thins.
    like puffs of heaven in a cracker.
  • hotel bedjump
    finding a website that combines two of my favorite things: jumping and hotels. this seriously cracks me up.
  • the microplane foot file
    the coolest and grossest invention ever, all rolled into one. i wear open back heels and flip flops all summer, and those are the enemy of cute feet. i scoffed at the price, only to find after using it, that it is the best pedicure starter in the history of the world. it's that cool!
  • the save the date cards are ordered
    after suffering from a mental creative block -- finally -- these are designed and sent to the printer! we have our engagement shoot in six days, so the actual wedding invites should be designed and sent to print in a month or so. whoo hoo!
  • sparkling peach iced tea
    i love crystal light, but adding diet ginger ale just took it to another level. between sparkling peach iced tea and sparkling raspberry lemonade, summertime life is good.
  • being home long enough to make 3 meals in one day
    i even broke out my super fabulous tangerine and lime custom apron (thanks to the creative design of the brownrices)! if you were at my house today, chances are you had for breakfast: sharp cheddar scrambled eggs, artichoke and garlic sausage, and grand central's como bread with apple butter; for lunch: loose meat cheeseburgers and banana vanilla yogurt with bananas and blueberry granola (though if your name was jonathan, you were grumpy when you realized it wasn't sweet pudding, it was organic yogurt); and for dinner: fresh spinach salad with warm baked chicken and poppy seed dressing. there might have even been a snack of cucumbers and tsatsiki. rachael ray, eat your heart out!
  • maggie's giant paws
    the best quote by dad the other day? "maggie makes andy look small!" the other night, when i was cleaning my camera gear, i looked up, and maggie had reached out her big big paw to me as she stuck out her tongue. check out little viper on the couch, who is clearly concerned that maggie might be getting more attention than her. :) yup, i think she's officially grown on me. ♥

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