Sunday, July 8, 2007

for the love of kenny

it doesn't get much better than this: 80 degrees at qwest field, free parking (because vickie and i are super fabulous parking spot hunters), a few jack daniels punches, and the lineup...sara evans, sugarland, brooks and dunn, and kenny chesney.

(pat green was there...but we were he doesn't get to figure into our perfect 7/7/7 afternoon!)

i snagged my little canon point and shoot (just 3 MP compared to my 8 and 12 MP beasts) and brought it along with me. after my 23rd self portrait, i realized just how much i miss this little camera! :)

loved the show - sara evans was super cute, sugarland was fun (though the lead singer needs to learn a few more dance moves than just her hip gyrations...seriously...someone that i finally dance better than!), and brooks and dunn just rocked.

and kenny? kenny was kenny. vickie and i were in heaven.

probably not as heavenly as andrea and claudine's experience though...check out claudine's pics from the sand pit. oh, jealousy!!

this is what you get with the baby zoom and canon powershot:

when i realized that i could trick out my point and shoot with custom features...i used the brand new batteries up. i know, i am a multimedia geek.

mikey and kristine...chilling in the sun after a long day remodeling...

and vickie and me...we were definitely #1 and #1!

why stop at one self-portrait?

my favorite of us...even if it is blurry.

set the camera on TV mode for 1 second...and caught all the flashbulbs going when kenny came on stage.

drunken goofs really had my attention - since i had a ton of photos of them. my favorite? this guy, who was dancing on top of the trailer, taunting security who was trying to get him down. he slipped...

and face planted on the table. knowing that he walked away from it dancing so i don't feel bad for enjoying it, i can tell you this:
it was awesome.

the four of us...and i am the only one not following the self-portrait mantra: "look at the lens, not the screen!"

and to close...
the seattle skyline with the blue lights.


Anonymous said...

Wow, look like fun, sorry I missed it, next year I'll have to join you guys.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!! I think I saw the paramedics coming in for that guy that face planted.... there were some real winners there!!!! It was a wonderful night!!!

Anonymous said...

My brother went to this concert, I bought him tickets for his birthday. I'm kicking myself for not buying one more ticket for myself! Glad to see you had fun! :)

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