Thursday, July 5, 2007

the fourth of july

the fourth of july at ft. lewis. an annual tradition (i think we're on the 9th year in a row)...with mike and the plu football team crew lighting the sky for the freedom fest. i love being out here on post for independence day - the crowd was thinner this year due to deployments, but it was so worth it to be there.

each year, they hand out sweet 3-d glasses, which stella is modeling above (complete with her trademarked 'warm and welcoming smile'. :)

in an effort to provide some different glimpses into how much i love fireworks are a few of my favorites (complete with technical terms)

with the 3-d glasses hanging over the lens...before the show started. the light is from one of the stadium lights.

cool streakies made by zooming the lens out while shooting.
(click on it to see more detail)

i love combos...with the purple streaks and the quick white sparkly ones...
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and a little bit of golden love...

some streakies showing the boys lighting the show below with road flares...

i just loved the simplicity of this one. lots of black, light green, and the rose trailer.

and a sweet new addition for this year...part of the grand finale.

good stuff.

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