Friday, June 1, 2007

spray painting birthday leprechauns

when it's your 30th, it's important to go big. and orange.
all up in the front yard.

my best guess is that the leprechauns' last name is brownrice...

this is what it looks like when you're in my front yard at 6 am on the most important holiday of the year. :) it's perfect.

(and thanks for my midnight birthday texts and emails from jo, kat and marie...and the 5 am text from linds! and for my new sonicare from the i don't have to get dentures early with my advanced age and you!)


Elizabeth Ann said...

Happy Birthday to the BESTEST neighbor and 5AM companion EVER!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


(I'm only two years behind so don't feel too bad.)


Go gcrazy this weekend! Oh, and don't break a hip.

Anonymous said...

your neighbors rock! YOU have a GREAT day today sister!

Anonymous said...

Happy 30th Birthday! We love you! What a big day for you. We hope Relay is awesome and we are very proud of you. I loved the message in the grass...

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