Thursday, May 31, 2007

prayers, please

for mama g, and for her family...

it's so hard to believe that right around relay for life time, each year for the past three years...something significant has happened with mama g and her cancer.

read through this post first, from just before last year's relay

in reading through that post from a year ago, where her timeline was classified as "only god knows" is a true and absolute miracle that she has survived another year. god clearly had work left here on earth for her to do.

back to now.

michael g and christine have been keeping their family's blog updated with status reports from scottsdale, where she was trying to get into a last clinical trial.

it was this excerpt from michael g that brought tears to my eyes:

Something is different now. The options are limited if any. Mom’s treatment has not gone as we have hoped and prayed. Since last Saturday, we have noticed a steady decline in her condition.

Don’t get me wrong, we can never count mom out. The prayers and her will to live, as well as great medical care have given us many memories, and yet for the first time … I am really afraid. I haven’t wanted to write this because I know she reads it… but I think mom really needs a miracle now.

It so difficult to watch someone you love suffering. It so hard yo come to grips that I may be watching my mom dying. I don’t think anyone will or could love me as much as my mom. For that matter, I don’t know many people with the ability to express their love so fully and selflessly.

I miss her already.

The other day when we went through security she said to the screener, “My name is Corazon, will you please pray for me…I am dying.”

Please read through their blog, it's updated consistently right now. And please, please pray for peace and comfort. For Mama G, and most especially for the ones she loves.

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