Tuesday, May 15, 2007

for my graduate

last saturday, jonathan left the world of "mister" behind when he earned his doctorate as he graduated from law school. the fam headed north to safeco field, where seattle u's school of law held their graduation.

friday night was the baccalaureate mass and reception, and graduation began early on saturday morning. i loved seeing his family and friends together to celebrate his 3 years of dedication and focus. i am so proud of him.

and what would a family event be without a one of my favorite classic big k moments?

when my mom was bored with the dreadlocked faculty speaker who, while speaking for a long long long time, said very little of substance. she told us she was bored, and headed up to the concession stand to find food to keep the family awake. she returned with lemonade, popcorn, pretzels, and water. she's a good mom. :)

a few of my favorite pics...

jonathan, nycole and noah...just before the end of the ceremony

a classic yell, at the after-grad bbq out at the house...image by mikey

and my new favorite self-portrait...
and to my prince...
congratulations. i am so proud of you and all you've accomplished. you never cease to amaze me with both your vision and your ambition, and i love being part of this journey with you. i can't wait to see what's next. i love you!

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