Thursday, April 26, 2007

circle journal: love

and yes, the circle journal finally makes a comeback! the past few weeks have been a blur, but it's finally time that i make claudine's day by filling her mailbox with a journal or two! :)

the other night, i was finishing the fifth book, forever, in the firstborn series by karen kingsbury.

(warning - spoiler ahead)

in the earlier redemption series, the baxter family was introduced - with the mom, elizabeth, passing away from cancer in the fifth book of the earlier series. five books later, she shared her wisdom on life and marriage through letters to her children. her list of these 10 things resonated in my heart - from the areas that are my strengths to the ones that i struggle with (4 and 6) and i knew it was the perfect theme for the layout on love - for jenna's journal.

the photo is one of my faves - from an afternoon down on the farm where we impressed the cows in the field with our exceptional self-portrait skills. i ♥ that jonathan can make me laugh anytime -- when we're goofy or frustrated or chill or irritated or late -- and it is one of the reasons i love him.

and i love that 'laugh often' is #3 on her list.

i also love the list because you can apply in so many ways - relationships with your significant other, family, friends...

the specs:
i branched out a bit to use under the tuscan sun kit from the digichick. the font is harmonica, and i used one of itty bitty actions's conversions on the photo.


Anonymous said...

what a happy little surprise to see a CJ layout tonight! I'm not going to spoil it by reading the journaling, I will wait until I get it!

Jenna said...

i love your journaling and your layout! so lucky i get to keep it. and i agree about the love languages! 5 love languages is a great book to re-read every so often.

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