Saturday, April 21, 2007

cancer awareness week

at alma mater. put together by joan fleet and her community service class...

how cool was it to head into her new office, in a building which hadn't yet been built when i was a student, and find my senior photo still hanging on her wall? check out my yuen lui pose, with long brushed out curls...wasn't i happenin' in 1995?

anyway, the week was filled with cancer activities - from education and awareness to a beautiful ribbon filled courtyard, where each ribbon held the name of someone with cancer.

i attended yesterday's friday Mass with the st. maximilian kolbe house, where the ribbons were blessed by father yost. at the end of Mass, the students who'd been involved in cancer awareness week took the ribbons down to the bellarmine track for a lap. there's nothing better than combining two of my favorite things - my faith and relay! :)

after the lap around the track, the ribbons were gathered together to be given to the american cancer society for the relay for life.

want to know what's sweet? as a result of this week, the bellarmine key club is the newest relay for life team! :)

that's enough to make me want to jump!


Anonymous said...

how trippy is this...i was defniitely in that mass n on the track and didnt see u anywhere. crazy stuff shelly!

Anonymous said...

Hey I saw someone on craigslist last week looking for your senior picture. Her name was jfleet. I sold it to her for $5. Now the secret is out about how it got on her wall:-) JK

shelley said...

hey anonymous...

i was looking on craigslist the other day, and i was looking for your senior picture. it turns out that bellarmine was still an all-boys school at that time, and they had a hard time finding your pink tux photo. guess i'm stuck to wander the halls of the prep until i find it...

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