Thursday, March 8, 2007

wisdom from the mutha

mother angelica, that is.

i picked up the just-released little book of life lessons and everyday spirituality the other day, and i love it.

she is definitely my kind of nun. sarcastic, spunky and smart all rolled into one. :)

these were a few of her quotes that i kept coming back to this morning...
  • st. jerome had a terrible temper. he would hit himself with a rock every time he lost his temper. i'd be dead as a doornail, with no ribs, if i did that.
  • none of us are perfect, as hard we try. our faults and weaknesses are going to die 15 minutes after we do. but this is something we can give to jesus. every day i can make a choice to be like jesus instead of like myself. every day we have a chance to transform our soul. keep trying. holiness and virtue are a slow process.
  • patience is adjusting your time to god's time.
  • pride either keeps you back from doing what you should do for god and his kingdom or it pushes you forward into things you are not able to do.
  • you are a holy bunch of sinners, and i'm in the club too. [this one is especially for my papa. :)]

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