Thursday, March 8, 2007

ode to the mo bells

stella mo bella.

a year older...and still 2 years older than me. :)

since her photo last year was somewhat tame, i broke out a few of my stella faves from the past year to celebrate her birthday. it just doesn't get better than brass knuckles, climbing to the top of diamond head on oahu, road tripping across the mountains, and getting the typical "shelley, you are so irritating and you're dead to me" face.

thanks for putting up with my early morning calls, my annoying voicemails, the stakeouts that get funner every time we do them, and a friendship which is a rock in my life. i love you, and am so grateful for you in my life. thank you for teaching me the value of waxing, diesel fuel, how to take three hours to get ready, and how to forgive. not necessarily in that order.

happy birthday! ♥


foxmulder said...

Man, I am one foxy lady.

Anonymous said...

The value of waxing... "TMI"! Stakeouts... you guys scare me! Now who will get married next...

Mike I mean Chris, or Tadpole.

Anonymous said...

I think I know how Stella got her groove back ;-)

shelley said...

what can brown do for you?

shelley said...

or...what can brown do for stella? :)

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