Tuesday, February 27, 2007

pizza and sugary goodness

take two parts pizza, one part video games, and one part sugary goodness that disguises itself as dessert pizza, and you have our round table adventure tonight.

austin, paige and i headed over for team ahbl's relay fundraiser...where we started breaking in my new wide angle lens. it was rainy and dark outside, so they played video games and won stuffed animals (see paige's impression of her gorilla below). i love these two.

what we look like when we're hungry...

(and i love this lens, because i can do self-portraits again! yea!)


Anonymous said...

what wide lens did you get? what wide lens did you get? I love my 10-22mm for self portraits too. that and it seems like I can fit almost the enitre world into the frame! I'm waiting for a new one to arrive too:
17-85mm with image stabilizer! can't wait :)

Anonymous said...

and OH how you should take more self portraits like that one! i *heart* Shelley cause she's crazy!

Anonymous said...

My kids adore you so much!!! (as we all do!) :)

Anonymous said... dare you call it a gorilla! That is the evil monkey from Family Guy. *Sigh* I will love you anyway! When is the next Girls Group?

shelley said...

paolo...i picked up the canon 17-40 f/4L's not as fast as my 24-70 and 70-200 at f/2.8L, but it was a super fabulous deal for L glass. i love it!! looks like a freaking gorilla! i stand corrected on the monkey...i don't know when the next EM is...but i think we should get on that. i think i'm going through withdrawal!

Nancy E said...

LOVE the pizza shot... and of course the happy and crazy self potrait. I got this mini camera - Kodak V610. I have some variable results so far, but it has a 10X optical zoom that makes it pretty fun and I can bring it with me in my pocket - unlike my monster NIKON D50 - which is fab! Miss you! : )

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