Monday, February 26, 2007

good stuff

so there i was, visiting the town of rainier this weekend. a thriving metropolis of 1500 people. took my first off-road adventure and realized that there are places that a bmw isn't ideal. :)

and everywhere i turned, there was another super fabulous spot for backdrops for photos. whenever my not-yet-conceived niece or nephew comes along, my sister kristine will have the most spectacular maternity images before his or her arrival.

anticipating the arrival of a new canon l series wide angle lens, because it would rock out there on the farm. since the lens will be in my happy little hands tomorrow, perhaps another rainier visit is on the horizon. i've been promised that there is the most amazing view of mt. rainier when the clouds are gone...

i spent a good deal of time this weekend right in the moment - which is something that is normally not that easy for me. i loved being able to slow down and not multi-task incessantly.

good stuff all the way around. in fact, one of my all-time favorite weekends.

[and the image above are the new buds of a blooming star magnolia just after sunrise...sandy and liz, aren't you proud of me for learning the name of it? :) ]


Anonymous said...

These visits to Rainier could be a good thing! Fun and learning and no multi-tasking all rolled into one! :)

Anonymous said...

that is a good thing!

Amy said...

Hey, my Aunt and Uncle live in Rainer!!! I have been there many times. :) It is a very pretty drive to get there!!!

shelley said...

that's so funny...i totally saw the g-pity name in some of his old yearbooks...and was going to ask you about it!

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