Friday, February 2, 2007

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my cousin zach is one of those people who decides he's going to do something, and just does it. he always figures out a way to accomplish something. super athletic, motivated, and really lives every moment of his life like it's his last. i love that.

you see him riding a camel in egypt (a few days ago), in which he said,

"Along the way, we met a friendly Egyptian guy who assuredly had a cousin / brother / friend / doesn'treallymatter who owned a horse & camel touring outfit to explore the pyramids and the Sphinx. At first I was a little hesitant to spend the day atop some wild African-born beast while I could be hiking on my own two very capable feet- but it turned out that the horse/camel combo was a great deal and made the trip so much more memorable.

From the beginning of our 4 hour trek, our guide Mahmoud guaranteed a grand finale on the day including a 'little camel gallop, proceeding to a medium gallop, and finally a crazy camel gallop.' haha. So as you can imagine the other two guys in our group and myself were jockeying for the horses throughout the trip- with the thought that the 'crazy camel gallop' might end our 'family plans' down the road someday..."

he's been studying at the rothberg international school in israel for the past few months. (they even did a web feature on him!) i love getting his emails with the recent marathons he's run, places he's hiked and scuba'ed, and all that he's doing...oh, after his studies are done. :)

and just to show that the sunset photography bug runs in the's a "killer jerusalem sunset" as shot and titled by my super fabulous cousin, zachary. taken a few weeks ago. :)

i love you, bud!!

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Amelia said...

your cousin sounds pretty amazing!!!! I think i need to ride a camel someday....and I also think we need more people like this in Wyoming! HA!
God bless you!

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