Saturday, February 3, 2007

circle journal: the five senses

finishing up the second round of the 2007 circle journal...this week's theme was "the five senses", from elizabeth w. (her starting pages are here) i love this much you can do with it. so much so, that...

i changed my focus twice when doing these pages...because i just couldn't get into the groove (could be the tylenol p.m. still working its way through my system...lesson learned: never p.m. and scrap!). started with the fives senses at the woodmark spa, then went to the lemony five senses, and finally settled on snowy days. mainly, because it's raining outside, and i miss the snow. :)

went for a three color design (blue, orange, white) inspired by re-reading cathy z's clean and simple scrapbooking. used the incredibly versatile and beautiful japanese foliage brushes from designfruit for the second page.

uploaded them for printing tonight, and will pick them up tomorrow to mail monday. it will be on its way to you, claudine! bring on round three!

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