Monday, December 25, 2006

scenes from christmas weekend

a few of my favorites...

lindsay just being lindsay.
and i love that she's cutting her long long hair for locks of love. taken this weekend at the estrogen militia christmas weekend in seattle...a little shopping, cheesecake factory, late nite catechism, sephora, presents, and a goodbye to amy, where the happy people at the sheraton took good care of us...

only in my family.
this is how my mom brought the extra vodka back from hawaii. in her holy water container. and it made a great lemon drop.

the silver by candlelight.
at my aunt's house. her home is full of creative inspiration, i love it.

i love seeing brandon with his new legos star wars game...snapping his joy on his own digital camera. can't tell we're related, huh? :)

what we do after brunch.
sneak into the bathroom to shoot his new nerf machine gun thing. it actually has clips. it is serious and mean looking. and pretty stinking fun.

my favorite image.
i love brandon's eyes. always have, always will.

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Unknown said...

Merry Christmas, Shelley!

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