Monday, December 25, 2006

merry merry christmas

{scenes from my 2006 christmas card}
celebrated christmas tonight with the fam...

i realized how much i miss the traditions of years past: christmas eve dinner, followed by nighttime mass and carols where mom would do her famous head bobbing while singing, then back home to cozy christmas pajamas, buttered toast and hot chocolate, to sleep until christmas morning...where we had a big christmas breakfast before opening gifts and heading to my aunt and uncle's for brunch.

since we had dinner and gifts tonight, and everyone was going to different masses tomorrow...the milasichs adopted me for the holiday (really, what's one more adopted kid in the mix?!?) and we went to midnight mass together. i loved it.

there's something about the darkened church with the white lights on the trees, the altar full of poinsettias, and the gospel with caesar augustus, quirinius and the census that i truly love. and a good homily from father mike. and what the lord wants us to remember this year, "do not be afraid, for i am with you". good timing, on so many levels! :)

and now, i'm cozy at home in my new christmas pajamas with hot chocolate and buttered toast...ready to head to bed. eggs and sausage are in the fridge, awaiting christmas breakfast. and new bones for viper. can't wait to see her open her presents!

i'm bringing christmas back. :)

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