Sunday, December 17, 2006

caira + dan

one of the several photo shoots that were rescheduled in the last two weeks, due to the wind and rain. with the combination of 39 degrees with full sunshine, today was the best we could have imagined during the heart of december!

the fabulous mom of this little one and this little one sent caira and dan my way for their wedding. the wedding was originally scheduled for november, when i was in hawaii. when it was rescheduled to february, everything seemed to fall into place!

loved shooting this session - they were open to anything i came up with. :)

while we captured a handful of great 'normal' engagement images, i wanted to share a few of my favorites...a little 'out of the box'. we literally walked around the block in downtown tacoma. who knew that within two blocks, you'd find pastel colored buildings, a totem pole, a statue of a guy with a big big saw, a tequila bar, a few run down little holes in the wall, and a cascading fountain?

onto the images...

i love this shot of dan's eyes. love it.

after holding her on his back, it seemed like he just lifted her to his shoulders.

dan caught caira in his the expression on her face.

the infamous 'guy with the big big saw'.
notice the height difference between these two ;)

the fountain just below the pantages...

and a sunflared image...


Anonymous said...

These pictures are great!! Thank you so much for taking their pictures!


Anonymous said...

wow shell, i never thought that youd post any of our pics for the world to see!! thanks so much for letting the world see how much fun all of us had and for letting everyone see how much dan and i love eachother.

caira and daniel

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