Thursday, December 14, 2006

as the wind blows

the waves crashing up against the margarita beach cafe (formerly pearl's by the sea) on henderson bay. the house mikey and i lived in as wee ones is just down the beach. the home we grew up in is a few miles down the beach from here.

the storms here have been simply amazing. early in the morning yesterday, a 100'+ tree fell down the hillside and hit the electrical wires and the mast leading into mom and dad's house. no juice for them!

once the mast is rebuilt, peninsula light will restore the electricity - but not before. needless to say, with the house around 40 degrees on the inside, dad, mom and the dogs have moved into a hotel. oh, to be a fly on the wall with them.

and another storm is on the way this afternoon.

heading to the harbor this afternoon for the christmas (holiday) party for the relay leadership team, and hoping to swing by the house to the nutty weather happenings.

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