Friday, November 24, 2006

a few of my favorite things

liz, austin, and paige.

so hard to believe it's been a year since i first photographed them together. when liz and i looked through the images, the phrase that kept coming up...

"they look so old!"

and so it goes. the rices - but older. :)

austin amazes me. he has the world's driest sense of humor (and god knows how much i love that!) and he's becoming such an incredible young man. thoughtful and funny, i just love having him show up on my front porch.

this is, by far, my most favorite shot of paige. every time i see her, she is growing and maturing - gaining confidence and finally seeing the beauty that she has inside...she is like the wee little sister i never had. i love that.

austin finds the most amazing things. like this truck. and the sweet graffitied wall below. "shelley, what about that? that'd make a good picture!"

liz and paige together. two peas in a pod.

and finally, austin showing off his boarding skills. i love love love the color in these.

(just for the record, the afternoon also had worms, krispy kremes, and pumpkin pie. thankfully, not all at the same time. and the best was the pumpkin pie. and i can say that honestly, since i'm not family and i don't have to! thanks, sandy, for the yummy treats. :) )

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for working your magic with my kids- we all love you!!

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