Friday, November 24, 2006

cold and rainy nights

they're simply perfect for getting cozy at home again. especially when there was snow this morning, and more snow is on the horizon. i love snow.

so thankful for the break in the nonstop rain of the past few weeks (sixth wettest month in washington's history). had two photo shoots today, and a few more this weekend - at this point, i don't care if there's sunshine, just as long as there's no rain!!

almost done unpacking from travelling and cleaning up from thanksgiving (where my family offerings included parmesan garlic mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes with caramelized walnuts). so looking forward to getting the christmas tree tomorrow.

finally updated through my eyes for the past ten days or so...
wormy so wormy
don't eat that! not yet!
by firelight
the heavy door
the market scene
the sun above the clouds
the chapel of st. george
a blue sir timmy

so thankful for the past few days, being able to see my favorite peeps - the estrogen militia, michael g, the brown rices, the fam, and the faces i love to photograph.

makes for a perfect way to kick off christmas season! ♥

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