Saturday, October 28, 2006

saint michael

one of the highlights of my week...

what's better than a pro-life, super fabulous jesuit?
a pro-life, super fabulous shutterbug jesuit!

fr. raftis took the above photo at the rotunda of gasson hall at boston college. knowing my love of all things photographic, we are swapping our favorite images - and this was an 8x10 that he gave to cool is that?!?

i can't wait to mat and frame it, and hang it in my playroom - where all things creative begin.

thanks, father...i love it!


Marie said...

How can I get a copy of this photo? St Michael has a special place in Mark's heart. He would love this photo. What's the website where I can order some of your photos?

shelley said...

This one was an image that Fr. Raftis took...let me check with him and see what he can do...

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