Sunday, October 29, 2006


the date of the kat and andrew's wedding...and guess who is shooting it? yup, shelley mauss photography!

their whole story nearly had me in tears, as they shared it with me over sushi after their engagement shoot. as a very special thank you, they took me to the brand new two koi japanese restaurant in downtown tacoma. and yes, i ate roe. i'm just glad i tried it before they told me what it was!

their journey will bring them to st. andrew's next summer - after several years of dating, andrew entering rcia, and kat going through an annulment. after it was final, he asked her munchkins, kyle and kimberly, for their permission to marry their mom. their reply? yes, but only if they could be there for the proposal!

below, andrew and kat are watching the two crazy wee ones strutting their stuff. i loved watching the four of them'd never ever know they are a blended family. ♥

i loved being able to catch all of these moments among them...with my biggest accomplishment being that kat's daughter finally opened up to the camera instead of running from it (which she actually physically did, on several occasions yesterday!).

kyle is the wee smarty-pants in the family, who managed to sneak into most of the photos. just wanting to be part of things, he was willing to do just about anything in front of the lens. he made me laugh...

and these two together are quite a team. and for the record, i was so completely wrong about their age difference that i still can't quite believe it. :)

a little twist on the typical fall leaves image...and since it's windy today outside (and thankfully, not yesterday!), i'm sprinkling a little photoshop fairy dust below...

my all-time favorite image of the kids. i love it. love it.

it was tough to select my favorites, but these are among them.

my most creative of this shoot?

kat and andrew, peering into the water of the pond. however, what you're looking at is the reflection...flipped upside down!


Amy said...

I love these two, don't they just crack you up!???!!! :) I am so glad they came into my life. That reminds are pretty darn special yourself Shelley Mauss!!! :) luv, luv, g-pity

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