Tuesday, September 5, 2006

up on lake washington

with the fabulous lewis babbitts. :)

one of my favorite photos - ever - of tim and kris.

the way she's looking at him. and tim's laughing, because he knows that whatever he just said is something that makes her laugh.

and i ♥ love ♥ that.

and the heart photo just below (while seeming strangely like a tara whitney copy) was generated from rose's mind... i love how it turned out.

not many from the shoot are posted here, for fear that kris will hunt me down if i use her christmas card photo (just like last year) just a few of my faves are posted.

there will be a few more on through my eyes over the next few days. and one of the funniest ones, when the three wee peeps were supposed to jump into the lake at the same time...the two babbitts left the lewis to jump on her own.

i just love that it's a perfect jump off the boat...and they're left standing. that's what you get for punking her out!

and my favorite from the 2006 sea ray - the "instant gratification"...
also seen as her new blog header. :)

already seen on through my eyes...
rose and derek
k and mini k

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