Monday, September 4, 2006

a birthday fit for a queen

how do you honor someone who lives embodies strength under pressure, joy through pain, and grace through the challenges of not only cancer, but her life?

you celebrate.

with two hundred of your closest friends. coming together for a birthday celebration that was like no other. it was mama g's birthday.

i had the privilege of saying the blessing for the evening...words can't express the honor i felt at being part of celebration.

fort g (papa g) sang 'lady in red' to corazon - which he swears he wrote the night before. :)

so many treasured people in her life coming together to honor her. what a gift.

michael and christine did a fabulous job bringing everything together - i only hope to be able to serve my own parents in the way that they do...selflessly and with love.

for michael's post from cora fort support (their blog)
to keep up on how she is doing
photos from the celebration (taken by the fabulous kyle miller)

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