Friday, September 29, 2006

five days old.

welcome to the world, little caden.
born last sunday, september 24.

his big sister, two-year-old miss maddie (first seen here).
just starting to adjust to life with a newborn,
where she isn't the baby anymore.

caden and maddie's mommy, janet.
just beautiful after labor a few days ago.

one of my favorite moments of the day. maddie, who really really really wanted to hold caden. her mom holding maddie, holding caden. and when maddie realizes that she's doing a good job taking care of her baby brother, she is so incredibly proud of herself.

"see mom?"

and my absolute adventure to capture on the five-day-old-squiggly-not-wanting-to-be-still toes...

mommy and daddy's wedding rings.

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Ryder said...

That last one is do you think of these?

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