Thursday, September 28, 2006

circle journal: small joys


the world's biggest circle journal slacker has finished the final layout for the project...

for the world's most patient andi, who has not complained once that it's been nearly decades since she's seen her own circle journal come back to her! :)

using my new favorite kit by marsha zepada, i did my last pages for andi's journal: small joys. a collection of things that make me little ways. click on the right photo to see what they are...

the specs:
papers, hinge, twill ribbon, and clasps from the cranberry blush kit from the digichick. photos converted to black and white using lab color, then eyedropping the colors from the kit and using the gradient map to change to the cranberry blush colors. i drop shadow-ed nearly everything as well. :)

and clearly, i cannot get enough of last year's happy claps photo. that could be considered a small joy too!


Anonymous said...

yea, Shelley you did it!! Andi's too nice to complain, so leave all that to me! But really now, I'm so glad you participated! It was cool. BTW, you look super cute in that picture! It's so you I can almost hear you when I look at it.

shelley said...

it was fun...and i loved scrapping every week with a purpose. if only i hadn't been out of town the last week of the journal, i wouldn't feel so guilty for it being behind! :)

looking forward to round two...

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