Saturday, August 26, 2006

ml takes to the lanes

it was a night out on the town for 40ish peeps from my office...and tonight, out on the town was none other than narrows plaza, for free bowling. gotta love that.

the kids got bumpers, people like me should have had them, and there were some priceless moments throughout. like the wee one who kept falling asleep in her chair, while eating her pizza, and while leaning against the wall. or me bowling backwards through my legs. or me beating jermaine. or stacey's fabulous dance to get you to toss a spare.

kris is one of the rare people who is given full access to the rebel and various lenses. she got the fabulous shot of dennis, our fearless leader and director, with me. we look tough. we are showing off our ...bowling balls.

the whole gang afterwards...

and little morrison. while eating his pizza, i asked him to make his bestest smile ever. he practiced a bit, and this is what he came up with...

and leondre, as he was perfecting his style. a typical push for the ball would have him doing 'bowling lane angels' on the smooth ground just after releasing the ball down the lane. sometimes on his back, sometimes face down. just a riot.

after i impressed everyone with knocking down zero pins in my frame...aimee, kris and i flashed our fabulous goose eyes.

and finally, no night is complete without a smooch from sir timmy of monaco.


Kris said...

I should be REALLY REALLY jealous that my husband is kissing you or is this just another benefit of the rent-a-hubby program? We must be careful not to take that too far!

shelley said...

this would be an added bonus of the rent-a-hubby program. however, i have not selected any of the hot tub options, so we are all safe. :)

Noreen said...

Oh, my gosh. Narrows Plaza. That takes me back. In fact, it also kind of makes me want to go bowling! You are a good athlete, you must have broken 100, right?

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