Saturday, August 26, 2006

end-of-the-week joys

  • teaching a super fabulous swim class on monday. good stuff.
  • snakes on a plane. the most i spent on a movie while only watching 65% of it. probably the oldest person in the theater covering her eyes. absolutely hysterical. loved that it was a estrogen militia outing!
  • lunch at the spag fac with lindsay. good time to catch up and hear 'back to school' stories.
  • a night at 'pour at four' with the fab four. celebrating chrissy pissy lou's promotion at key bank and her upcoming move to my old stomping grounds in portland. i see a second bedroom just for the three of us with a pool on the roof. and lucy and papa haydn and nw 23rd and no sales tax. all good stuff.
  • knowing people in the right places to find unfindable things. seriously made my day!
  • the perfect saturday - sleeping in, watering the backyard, kayaking on the sound, adoration at holy cross, photos this afternoon, and an engagement party tonight. can't ask for much more!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

ooh, please email me with whats up with Linds?! how is she? i will have to check on our order this week to see what up and when the heck it's getting here.

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