Monday, August 7, 2006

a few of the bride

just after she smoothed her dress and finished fastening the sparkly bling around her neck...this smile appeared.

karen, kristine's mom, straightened the skirt under her much emotion in the room as her oldest daughter prepared to walk down the aisle.

behind kristine is her sister ashley, and good friend cheri. joining the two of them as bridesmaids were kelsey (kristine's youngest sister), rikki (a friend from high school) and amelia (her good friend from college).

her dad was something else...when he saw his little girl in her dress, there wasn't a dry eye anywhere.

the little flower girl was eight years old, and she and brandon had a great time together. walked down the aisle, tore up the dance floor at the reception...

now, if only brandon hadn't dropped kristine's ring off the pillow during Mass... :)

her bouquet was absolutely beautiful, with a treasured rosary sewn into the ribbon holding it together. as with so many things for this wedding, it was made with love and given as a gift to the couple.

the amazing talents and gifts of friends of mike and kristine led to the fabulous voices ("of the angels" as many said) at mass, the flowers, the photos, the food for the reception, and the centerpieces for the tables.

it was simply beautiful.

and because there's always a need to show off the cinderella slippers for the fairy's the sparklys that walked kristine down the aisle...


Amelia said...

Shelley, you are absolutely amazing both as a photographer and as a person....just thought you should know that! I am thankful for getting to "meet" you this weekend! God Bless you!

Val said...

ooh angels eh? Good to know :) Yeah, and Wow is right!

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