Friday, July 7, 2006

so very very fabulous

was today.

our relay for life team reached $50,886.43 this week...and to celebrate, the western division director of merrill lynch flew up from san fran. each of the four team captains received a bull for the achieving excellence award. a week ago, we sent him our team video, not realizing that he was a cancer survivor. he was blown away by our team, and wanted to honor us and our team for all we did.

it rocked. left to right is my managing director george, lady kristine, sandra, the western div. director greg, debbie, and me. gk sent us to the columbia tower club for lunch, and we had a blast.

an incredible way to finish our season...

and speaking of we raised over $50k, we will be recognized by the american cancer society as a top nationwide team. how sweet is that?!?

and it wouldn't be a cool trip to the office without sneaking into george's corner office, overlooking seattle and the sound, to kick back for a few. :)


Anonymous said...

your looking pretty at home with your feet in those CUTE shoes kicked up on that desk!

Kris said...

Shelley Mauss a.k.a. the new Western Region ML Executive. You look very cozy in that office! Don't forget us little people as you are "movin on up!"

Sir Timmy would like a cushy job at ML. How about the head executive of dishwasher repair? or closet door repair? or maybe lawn mower fixer upper?

Gotta love our extremely taxing day at the office today!

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