Sunday, July 9, 2006

the new sisters

in just four short weeks, these will be my new sisters...aren't they pretty cute?

celebrating kristine's bachelorette party yesterday with a sunshine and coronas with lime adventure to gig harbor by boat...cruising under the new narrows bridge, learning that at the corner table of anthony's - bread does not come with lunch, becoming masters of the harbor when docking, turning down offers for the extra spots in the boat, and bringing together the new families and friends that are being created as we count down to the wedding.

as kristine would say, "twenty-six days to go!"


Anonymous said...

That is a GREAT photo of the 3 girls with the lighthouse behind you!
Photographer or Financial Advisor? Which is your true calling and God-given talent? OK, probably both. Your photos are incredible!

Easycure said...

I'm such a guy. I didn't even see the lighthouse at first!

Anonymous said...

I think photography is calling your name. You should try WEDDING photography. I know a Filipino guy who would love to work with you!

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